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Many people think of a summer vacation when they think of Myrtle Beach—but with so many advantages to Myrtle Beach off-season rentals, there's no need to wait!
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  • Crescent Keyes

    1-4 bedroom oceanfront condos in North Myrtle Beach

  • Blue Water Keyes

    2 bedroom ocean view and 3-4 Bedroom oceanfront condos in North Myrtle Beach

We offer the best monthly rentals in Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach for anyone looking to escape from dreary ice-clogged roads, heavy coats, and freezing temperatures. Coastal breezes keep the Grand Strand weather comfortable all year round, traffic is light, there is no shortage of winter events and activities, and local businesses and golf courses frequently offer lower rates and discounts for their valuable winter customers. The best kept secret of Myrtle Beach is that it's great here any time of year!
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Myrtle Beach in the Winter

Myrtle Beach is the perfect vacation destination all year long. When much of the U.S. and Canada is locked in a bitterly cold winter, Myrtle Beach enjoys pleasant weather thanks to ocean breezes coming off the warm Atlantic Ocean. Locals here rarely own a heavy coat or mittens—a jacket is usually all that's needed for even the coldest days and temperatures rarely hit the freezing mark. Don't believe it? Our Myrtle Beach area information page gives all the facts on our winter weather. The Myrtle Beach area is packed with activities and events during all times of year, and the winter is certainly no exception. Live shows like ONE and The Carolina Opry operate during the winter, and special Christmas performances and events run all December. Attractions like Family Kingdom, countless fine dining restaurants, and shopping venues are open all year. There is no end to the Myrtle Beach winter activities and events you can enjoy. If you need tips on vacations and real estate in Myrtle Beach? Visit the Myrtle Beach Vacations Blog. Still wondering if Myrtle Beach in the winter is right for you?


Calling all Snowbirds

Snowbird is a term for people who have discovered the advantages of a winter vacation in warm locations like Myrtle Beach. Just like the name implies, they "fly south for the winter" and leave behind all thoughts of ice for a relaxing stay in warmer temperatures.

If you're a snowbird or you want to discover what the snowbirds already know, we have a great selection of Myrtle Beach winter condos. They're available for any length of stay, from a few days to all winter.

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